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How We Work With Clients


Client Centered

Step 1 – We will send you our Introduction Kit that will provide you with important information about who we are and how you might benefit from what we do. After you’ve received the Introduction Kit and had an opportunity to review it, we will schedule your first appointment.

The first appointment will be approximately 45 minutes long. The main objective will be to determine if we are a FIT for each other, if we feel comfortable working with each other. No investment decisions will be made at this first meeting; we believe the best investment decisions are made in an unhurried manner.

Step 2 – At our next meeting, we will complete a detailed personal financial review for you and your spouse. This review will summarize your current financial situation and will allow us to decide which financial strategies will help you achieve your goals. A key part of our personal financial review is our unique focus on FORM: Family, Occupation and Recreation, with the final piece being Money.

Once you leave, we will go to work crunching numbers and complete an analysis to identify areas where we can create the most value for you.

Client Centered

Step 3 – At our third meeting, we will spend time carefully reviewing your financial plan. Our findings and financial reports establish a long-term plan, which will guide your financial decisions throughout retirement. This plan helps to balance your goals and objectives with other essentials. It addresses concerns such as: Social Security maximization, risk analysis, debt management, tax planning, educational planning, retirement planning, estate planning, legacy planning, and investment strategy. We design your plan specifically to encompass every aspect of the personal financial planning process, attending to your short-term needs without losing sight of your long-term goals.

We will regularly reevaluate and update your financial plan. This plan is fluid and dynamic as your life unfolds and your needs evolve. We will review, modify, and update this document on a routine basis to ensure that it remains consistent with your current situation, goals, and objectives. We will make any new and appropriate recommendations at these regular meetings.

Step 4 – Our fourth meeting is where you allow us to apply our recommendations in conjunction with your goals, objectives, and priorities. We are committed to implementing recommendations within your financial plan that are in your best interest.

Once you start receiving your new account(s) statement(s), we will schedule a meeting to review them in detail and then create a coordinated meeting schedule for the remainder of the year and beyond.


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