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About Everest



noun Ev·er·est \ ˈev(ə)rə̇st , -vərst , -vəˌrest \

Definition plural -s: the highest point : climax, apex


We think of our financial lives as climbing a mountain. The ascent up the mountain can be compared to the accumulation phase of our investable assets and reaching the summit can be compared to finally retiring! At that point we must begin to use our savings to sustain us for the remainder of our journey. We call this descent down the mountain the distribution phase. This part of the journey introduces a whole new set of risks and challenges. In fact, by some estimates 80% of all mountain climbing deaths occur on the way down! Why? Because the risks are far different, and many climbers have not planned for the way down.

Wherever you are on the mountain it is our objective to help you plan to safely reach your goal and to do it in a way that enhances your confidence. That is our Everest story.

Everest Retirement Planners began as a nation-wide team of dedicated, like-minded, retirement planning professionals. The company was born out of the need to simplify the challenges individuals face throughout their financial lives, particularly as it pertains to retirement. Built on a foundation of “wanting to help,” the Everest team wants to be your personal financial Sherpa as you plan your trek to retirement and beyond.

If you have never thought about retirement like this, now is the time for you to meet the individuals who pride themselves on creating a true, value-added retirement plan, where living your retirement to its fullest is their only objective.

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