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17 Nov
Tax Saving Strategies to Help You Get More Out of Your IRA


Your host will be Bill Romeo CFP from the Everest Retirement Planners Matthews, NC office.

Baby Boomers are asking…
• What type of retirement account is right for me?
• Can I still contribute to a retirement account and if so, how much?
• How are my IRA withdrawals taxed?
• How does my IRA fit into my overall plan?
• What happens to my IRA when I die?
• How can I minimize taxes so I can spend more of my hard-earned money?

Learn the rules for…
• Contributing to traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs
• How indirect and direct roll overs work
• How retirement accounts are taxed
• How to calculate your required minimum distribution
• Roth IRA conversions
• Inherited IRAs
• How spousal IRAs work

At this workshop you will learn:
• 7 strategies for Savvy IRA planning
• 6 roll over options for your retirement plan funds
• SECURE Act changes to IRA planning
• 3 common required minimum distribution mistakes
• The difference between indirect and direct rollovers
• How to coordinate your IRA planning with your overall retirement, estate, tax, Social Security and financial plans
• 3 different option for spousal IRA beneficiaries

The decisions you make today can have
an impact on your overall retirement plan.

Please try to sign in 5-10 minutes early so that we can start on time. Questions or need more information? Please call us at 704.708.5001 or send an email to

Date and Time

Thu, Nov 17, 2022

6:30p - 7:30p EST




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