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Baby Boomers are asking: 
• When do I sign up for Medicare? 
• How do I sign up for Medicare? 
• How does Medicare work with the insurance I’ve already got? 
• What happens to my insurance when I retire? • What can I expect to pay for my healthcare down the line? 

Attend if: 
• You are age 60 and over. 
• You are concerned about retirement health care expenses. 
• You plan to take Medicare soon. 
• You are not clear on how your existing insurance works with Medicare. 
• You are ready to start planning. 

In this presentation, you’ll learn: 
• How Medicare coordinates with other forms of insurance, like group health plans and COBRA. 
• Who needs to enroll in Medicare and when. 
• How to enroll in Medicare. 
• How to effectively transition to Medicare, while keeping all the deadlines in mind. 

Arrive 5 minutes early so that we can all start on time.  Thank you!

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