30 Minutes to Savvy Cybersecurity: 5 Threats Every Person and Business Faces


Your presenter will be Bill Romeo, CFP®, Partner at the Everest Retirement Planners office in Matthews, NC.

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At this workshop you will learn:
• The top 5 identity theft threats you face and the actions you must take to stay safe
• Three mindsets that will boost your cybersecurity
• How an email address can protect your financial accounts
• The 4 ways to protect your wireless network from hackers
• How to beat the password paradox

Cybersecurity is a growing threat but you don’t have to be hopeless. There are actions you can take today that will block the cybercrooks from wreaking havoc on your identity and your finances. (And you don’t need to be a technology expert to do so.)

Please arrive 5 minutes early so that we can all start on time. Have a question that just can't wait? Call me at 704.708.5001.
Like to make an appointment to discuss your particular situation? Call or send me an email at billromeo@retirewitheverest.com